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Functional neurological voice disorders

Functional neurological voice disorders
An enigma and its management: Whilst functional neurological voice disorders (FNVD) routinely present in clinical practice, their phenomenology and management have historically remained a mystery.

Gain invaluable insights and boost your confidence in assessment and treatment of FNVD through our comprehensive course led by expert Dr Jan Baker. Tailored for speech-language pathologists, ENT specialists and voice researchers, this program delves into FNVD phenomenology, principles and practical applications for management. Explore the latest research and insights with regards to FNVD in the context of FND and apply the latest terminology, classifications, and operational definitions. Analyse case studies and learn management principles and skills for devising tailored assessment and treatment plans for FNVD cases, honing your practical expertise for clinical practice.

Learning outcomes

  • Describe the phenomenology of Functional Neurological Voice Disorder (FNVD) in the context of Functional Neurological disorders (FND).
  • Describe possible mechanisms and theoretical models underpinning FND and FNVD (recent neurobiological and psychological formulations)
  • Apply current nomenclature, terminology, diagnostic classification, and operational definition for original psychogenic voice disorder (PVD) and FNVD across case study examples.
  • Apply general principles of overall management and clinical pathways to intervention, including integration of counselling.
  • Demonstrate skills in describing what FND is to a patient.
  • Devise appropriate assessment and treatment plans for given case examples.

Course delivery method


The Functional Neurological Voice Disorders course will comprise self-study online activities that you can complete at a time that suits you between 15 April - 5 July 2024. These will include video lectures, video examples of practice cases, completion of quizzes, and case study analyses. It will likely also comprise online interactive discussion board activities and a video submission for review.

The total volume of learning/activities will come to 50 hours.

Additional Information

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Course fees
 Standard  $1,950 (incl. GST)
 Alumni/Staff  Please contact [email protected]
Online event
Monday, 15 April 2024 to
Friday, 05 July 2024
Delivered Online


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